One of our valued clients told us we were saving them $15,000. We thought saving $15,000 a year was great news. As it turns out, we were saving them $15,000 a month. You can save money in places you didn’t know existed. Take our Next-Unit-of-Computing technology, for example. Our NUC is a 4” x 4” x 1.5” device with a monitor and keyboard that replaces a full desktop computer – and uses 70 percent less power. We build the NUCs to your specifications, along with laptops and other desktop devices. So when you say, “Hey, can you…?” we say, “Absolutely.” We make technology for what fuels you.


Attacks used to come from the outside. Now they come from everywhere. Navigating and implementing privacy regulations and compliance isn’t an easy task for most businesses, but it is for us. We identify your weak spots and pinpoint where your threats are coming from. We perform a labor-intensive and elaborately detailed assessment of your system. We then employ our unique process of protection, detection, and response, building a barrier around your information that provides both real security and answers any guidelines the auditors can throw at you.



What’s the cost to your business if you can’t recover your data? Your business. A four-year-old server in a dental office had to be, well, pulled. The company decided to buy back-up technology services with us and hold off on a new server. That four-year-old server died within days of their decision. We had them up and running within an hour. Not even the Cloud can offer that type of turnaround. If you have to wait days or weeks to get your business back, how much business will be left?



What if we didn’t call it the Cloud? What if we called it cash flow? Here’s what you need to know about the ubiquitous Cloud: It can turn a capital expense into an operating expense. An insurance company we serve needed to replace its infrastructure, which would have cost the company tens of thousands of dollars – and would require upgrades roughly every five years. Instead, we moved them to the security of the Cloud for a fraction of the upfront cost. This isn’t the right solution for everyone, but it proves what the Cloud is capable of.

Citon hardware isn’t merely backed with warranties, it’s backed with thinking. When a school in Wisconsin needed 400 laptops, they didn’t just need 400 laptops. They needed them to work — out of the box —from the homes of 400 different students. For Dell and HP, that turned out to be a logistical nightmare. We delivered a fully managed package instead, so that every student could immediately do everything from searching the web to printing out homework. We even created a remote management tool, so the school could always be in charge of its pupils. We think that’s pretty smart.


Your email can’t warn you if there’s something wrong with your email. So, we’ve outsmarted email itself. We wrote a program that immediately alerts us if there is a problem with your email server. Our program uses test email messages to monitor the functionality of your email system, sending alerts through other avenues such as SMS text messages if it detects a problem. We write code like that all the time. In fact, no one else around can say the same. We can create a monitoring program specific to your company that allows us to see problems before they become problematic.


Make your move. We’ll be there. Moving your business into a new facility requires a whole lot of work – even without thinking about your IT needs. That’s where we come in. We’ll plan every detail of your move. We’ll order and configure all the equipment – from desktops to dial-tones. We’ll help you pick the right phone vendors and walk through with our hard hats on to make sure the wall mounts are where they need to be. We’ll coordinate with the furniture installation company to make sure your computers are up and running as soon as your desks arrive. Plus, we’ll pull all your voice and data systems together in an affordable and effective manner. We’ll be there for you until the very end.

The Citon Story 

Citon deploys nationally recognized and certified services – from layered IT security, virtualization, outsourced IT and managed services, custom PC design and deployment, to state-of-the-art data center and hosting solutions. For more than 19 years, no other technology company has performed like Citon. No one takes a more creative approach to solving technology concerns and few can offer the experience and expertise, or the service and certifications. Citon employs over 40 passionate IT Professionals and is headquartered in downtown Duluth, Minnesota.