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Essentially it’s the management, typically by an outside third-party, of an organization’s services and equipment related to computers, networks, or software.  Managed IT Services offers holistic IT support which is tailored to the specific needs of each customer, while being flexible enough to grow and evolve as needed.  Managed IT Service typically includes proactive monitoring and maintenance done remotely with the goal of addressing issues before they become client-facing problems and system failures. 

Over the past 25+ years, we’ve developed a thorough yet highly efficient network assessment process. Through this understanding of the nuances and complexities of each customer’s unique network environment, we can determine a benchmark for the proper management of that network.  In turn, we can project the number hours of support needed to deliver a more robust and secure IT environment through the management of network performance, security, backup, email and helpdesk, as appropriate.  Citon’s NextGen Managed IT Services pricing is tailored to fit the specific needs of each customer, but in general is based on the number of devices (servers, PCs, laptops, and other peripheral equipment) and the number of users on the network. 

As a true Managed Service Provider (MSP),  Citon is 100% invested in the safety, security, and reliability of your IT infrastructure.  We work with our NextGen Managed Service customers on a fixed-fee basis, keeping your IT budget stable and predictable, and therefore budgetable, while avoiding any surprises from a billing standpoint.  In a Managed Service arrangement, rather than being rewarded for cleaning up messes and applying temporary fixes again and again, all parties are incentivized to anticipate and prevent problems in the first place. This shared goal (preventing problems) creates safer, more robust and more efficient network environments along with a true IT partnership.   

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