Nonprofit Organizations

What can Citon do for my NPO?

As a nonprofit organization, you need to get the job done with what you have. Citon can help you stretch your IT budget and make the most out of your existing technology.
With more than 25 years of experience supporting NPOs, we understand how hard it is trying to keep an organization running on a limited budget or with donated IT. Our consultants will implement and manage technology solutions that meet your unique needs without requiring heavy investment.
Our solutions increase security for your donors, enhance employee collaboration and efficiency, and lower operating expenses, all while staying within your budget. You’ll have more time and budget to spend on your vital work, and reduced risk for your donors, data, and finances.

With IT Services and Solutions from Citon, you’ll enjoy:

Budget-minded and experienced IT consultants who will help you meet your unique challenges and needs without breaking the bank

Continuous IT monitoring, management, and maintenance to ensure the best possible performance and productivity, even from "well-experienced" technology

Affordable, predictable pricing that eliminates IT budget uncertainty and instability

Solutions that work, resources you can rely on, and dependable expertise so you can dedicate more to your cause for less.

Ironclad, multilayered cybersecurity countermeasures to protect you from current and emerging cyberthreats which prey on poorly defended NPOs

Click on your industry, and see how Citon can help your business succeed with IT solutions tailored to your unique challenges

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