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We harness the power of IT for the advantage of business, non-profits and commercial enterprise.

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Putting the “Dream” in Team

CITON PROFESSIONAL SERVICES TEAM Did you find the file you were looking for before your 9 am meeting this morning? Where did your computer save it? Was it in email? Teams, Webex? Wait, was it in that new web app you are using? If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. The way we work…

Is remote work still a ‘nice to have?’

Remote working is nothing new. Yet for most, it has often been available to a small subset of employees. However, COVID-19 and the ensuing mandate to work from home has made remote working the new norm. While some businesses were prepared, in most cases it was a scramble to get workers up and running. Some…

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Meet Our Executive Team

  • Linda Dobinson, Director of Operations

    “We demonstrate fanatical discipline regarding security.”

    - Linda Dobinson, Director of Operations
  • Steven Dastoor, CEO

    “We seek out those who take their business as serious as we do.”

    - Steven Dastoor, CEO
  • Sean Dean, CFO

    “We earn loyalty and trust through passionate customer service. Anything else is unacceptable.”

    - Sean Dean, CFO