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Across the Midwest, for over 25 years, Citon Computer Corp. has been helping businesses and NPOs of all sizes and from all sectors succeed through digital transformations.

Citon’s IT Services, by the Numbers

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Waiting on hold is not just frustrating, it’s expensive. We know your time is money, so we waste none of it. When you’ve got a problem, Citon is there ASAP.






Issues Resolved on First Contact with Support

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We ensure our experienced technicians have the skills to fix your issue on the first pass, because we don’t want recurring problems slowing you down any more than you do.

Average Customer Satisfaction Rating

0 %



When we say we put your needs and goals first, we mean it. That’s why our satisfied clients have rewarded us with their trust.

Clients Who Stay with Citon for Five Years or More

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We’re not here for a quick buck. Citon’s goal is lasting successful relationships with our clients, and we’re glad they have stuck by and grown with us.

Why This Matters


Highly Recommended

“A few years ago, we decided to have Citon assist with our IT needs. Most companies these days need the IT guy, but they don’t need him 40+ hours a week. This is where our relationship with Citon has been outstanding. I can see and verify our cost savings every year by not taking the IT department in-house. They monitor our workstations and servers and alert us before a major issue arises. If something else comes up, we call them for assistance and they are there for us. I’m currently using Citon to efficiently upgrade my network infrastructure and servers. I would highly recommend Citon.”
Robert G.
FutureWood Corp.

Our services transform your IT from a costly burden into a highly secure and efficient competitive advantage

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Managed IT Services

Remove the burdens of managing and maintaining your IT so you can focus on your core operations

Disaster Recovery

Ensure your business can survive anything that life throws its way, and bounce back fast


Protect your business and its vital data from cyberthreats of all kinds, both known and new

Cloud Services

Upgrade to a secure cloud infrastructure and enjoy game-changing features and benefits

VoIP Services

Replace your outdated communication systems with a feature-rich, cost-cutting VoIP solution

IT Consulting

Get access to valuable IT knowledge, strategies, and guidance to help plan for the future

COR2 Business Analysis

Determine how ready for success your IT is with an in-depth systems analysis

Industries We Serve

See how Citon’s targeted IT solutions benefit businesses in your industry

With traditional break/fix support models, everything that goes wrong in IT becomes an instant crisis. There is a better way. Break the crisis cycle with proactive support.

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To ensure your solutions utilize the best products on the market, Citon partners with the world’s leading manufacturers

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