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We harness the power of IT for the advantage of business, non-profits and commercial enterprise.

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Retail’s down but not out

CITON BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT TEAM Retail has been hit hard, I know it, and you know it. According to the July 2020 U.S Retail Sales report, restaurant and bar sales are down 26.5%. The pandemic has forced many to shutter their doors, close their tills, and pack up their shops. These are rough times. But there…

Customer Story: Calgary Board of Education

The Calgary Board of Education introduced 30,000 Windows devices into their classrooms, and the payoff has been well worth it. The integration has yielded significantly better student interaction and participation. At Citon Computer Corp, we want to help your students reach their full potential. That means incorporating modern solutions like Windows 10 to help your…

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  • Linda Dobinson, Director of Operations

    “We demonstrate fanatical discipline regarding security.”

    - Linda Dobinson, Director of Operations
  • Steven Dastoor, CEO

    “We seek out those who take their business as serious as we do.”

    - Steven Dastoor, CEO
  • Sean Dean, CFO

    “We earn loyalty and trust through passionate customer service. Anything else is unacceptable.”

    - Sean Dean, CFO