COR2 Business Analysis

Find out how your business’s IT compares to today’s standards for success

What is a COR2 Business Analysis?

In today’s competitive world, the path to prosperity is paved with cutting-edge technology that transforms the way businesses are run. This transformation starts with a strategy focused on operational efficiency and risk mitigation, and the effectiveness of this strategy can be determined by our COR2 Business Analysis.

Why Does My Business Need One?

What Will Discovering My COR2 Score Help My Business Achieve?

Risk Mitigation and Operational Efficiency

Some of your organization’s most precious assets are the digital kind. To remain secure in the current threat landscape, your business needs to build a multilayered approach to secure those digital assets. A COR2 analysis shows how secure you are, and where you need to improve.

A Competitive Advantage

Companies and consumers choose to partner with those who are easy to do business with. Those who are vigilant in securing their information and those who leverage technology to run at peak efficiency will rise above the competition. A COR2 helps build the framework that empowers you to achieve these goals.

Better Return on Investment

When done right, technology should transform your operations and drive business growth. It can streamline operations, connect you to new markets, and make your workforce more effective, but only if you have the solutions that fit your needs and goals. A COR2 guides the procurement process to optimal success.

What Is Covered by a COR2 Business Analysis?

A COR2 assesses business readiness by separating key technologies into 10 modules. Each module is measured by criteria that support risk mitigation and operational efficiency:

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Managed IT Services

Remove the burdens of managing and maintaining your IT so you can focus on your core operations

Disaster Recovery

Ensure your business can survive anything that life throws its way, and bounce back fast


Protect your business and its vital data from cyberthreats of all kinds, both known and new

Cloud Services

Upgrade to a secure cloud infrastructure and enjoy game-changing features and benefits

VoIP Services

Replace your outdated communication systems with a feature-rich, cost-cutting VoIP solution from Citon

IT Consulting

Get access to valuable IT knowledge, strategies, and guidance to help plan for the future

COR2 Business Analysis

Determine how ready for success your IT is with an in-depth systems analysis

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