Disaster Recovery

If you lose your data, you’re at risk of losing your business. Citon’s solutions stop both from happening

Is your business ready for anything?

When (not if) a disaster, such as a fire, data breach, or hardware failure strikes your business, your data is at high risk of loss. Without archives, client information, or financial records, your company can’t operate and is at risk of shuttering forever. But Citon has the solution. Our robust, automated backup solutions and expert recovery planning solutions ensure you never lose your vital data and your business can bounce back in minutes instead of days or weeks. While your competition is picking up the pieces after a catastrophe, you’ll be back to work in no time.

With Citon’s Disaster Recovery solutions protecting your business, you get:

Powerful Data Backups

Our solutions automatically and unobtrusively back up your vital data to secure drives in fortified data centers.

Swift Recovery Tools

Our proven recovery system quickly returns all of your data, apps, settings, and configurations back to exactly the way they were before the disaster.

Expert Disaster Planning

Our seasoned consultants will work with you to draft a Disaster Recovery Plan that lays out what everyone needs to do and when, so your company can get back to full operations ASAP.

Don’t leave the survival of your business to chance. Partner with Citon, and our Disaster Recovery solutions will ensure your business can handle anything that comes its way.

Our services transform your IT from a costly burden into a highly secure and efficient competitive advantage

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