NextGen Managed IT Services

Built to tackle modern problems with comprehensive, proactive services to keep your IT running securely and at peak performance, while you focus on core operations

Shouldn't your business come first?

Our clients understand that IT is woven into almost every aspect of their business. We believe that IT should support the objectives of the business, which means that IT functionality needs to be both comprehensive & consistent.

That’s why our approach is business first.

Our talent and experience in business means we apply the right mix of technology to ensure it supports the goals and aspirations of the company… and not the other way around.

Citon’s NextGen Managed IT Services take the burden of managing and maintaining your IT off your shoulders, so you can enjoy reliable, optimized technology without spending excess time and money.

Our experienced technicians are committed to excellence, and you can depend on them for fast, effective assistance with any technology issues. With a trusted IT partner like Citon handling your IT management and support, you can focus on running your business and leave the hassles behind.

NextGen Managed IT Services from Citon include:

Systems Management & Security

Protect your business and its vital data from cyberthreats of all kinds, both known and new

Monitoring & Alerting

Keeping a vigilant watch over your critical technology infrastructure with industry leading tools & trusted expertise to spot problems before they start

Unlimited Helpdesk

Incredible expertise, delivered quickly and kindly, by Midwestern folks who give a dang

Managed backup

The benefits of protection and the peace of mind that flows from a robust backup strategy tailored to the needs of you & your team

Email Services

Email protection, management & continuity solutions to improve defenses & optimize efficiency

IT Best Practices

Valuable IT knowledge, effective strategies & expert guidance to help you plan for future success & security

Consulting & Reporting

Real-time business intelligence, objective vulnerability assessment & trusted, actionable guidance

Industries We Serve

See how Citon’s NextGen Managed IT Services benefit businesses in your industry

With traditional break/fix support models, everything that goes wrong in IT becomes an immediate crisis. Did you know that there's a better way? Want to break the CRISIS CYCLE starting now?

Download our FREE playbook, “Breaking the Crisis Cycle:  Transitioning Your Business From Break/Fix to Proactive Support.” No cost, no obligation. Just click the link below and start making I.T better, right away.

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The Benefits Of NextGen Managed IT Services Are All Yours!

Minimized Downtime

  • Proactive support and security
  • Streamlined IT operations, creating a stable, consistent, reliable environment
  • Super-sized end user experience based on our consistent platform

Peak Productivity

  • Bundled “best in class” essential security tools and services to ensure peace of mind
  • Comprehensive infrastructure management, patching, updates & insight
  • Industry “best practice” approach to managed services

Cost Savings

  • Predictability. Instead of wildly fluctuating IT bills, pay only a fixed monthly fee that is a fraction of the cost of hiring an IT employee.
  • Embedded IT consulting thru tech advisor with access to monster expertise
  • Consistent, guaranteed IT response times and dashboard intelligence
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