Retail’s down but not out

Retail has been hit hard, I know it, and you know it. According to the July 2020 U.S Retail Sales report, restaurant and bar sales are down 26.5%. The pandemic has forced many to shutter their doors, close their tills, and pack up their shops. These are rough times.
But there is hope. The report also demonstrates that there is a recovery, a slow one, but positive nevertheless. Gas stations are up by 6.2%, clothing stores grew 5.7% for the month, drug stores posted a gain of 3.6%, and those same restaurants and bars posted a month on month increase of 5%.
I’m curious about what happens next. As we re-connect with each other and re-engage with coffee shops, cafes, and co-ops, what do we need? My guess? It’s all about the experience. We want sheltered safety and creature comforts and internet bandwidth galore. We want to huddle around a warm fire or a steaming cup of coffee, eating carbs, and sharing stories, and streaming it in all its togetherness glory.
That time is coming, that experience will return and when it does technology is here to help. Business needs may differ but all are similar in that they seek to improve productivity and provide an amazing online experience.
New WiFi technology provides performance, ability to roam, baked in security, all wrapped in a support bundle that includes a warranty, and help via any medium you desire, be it chat, phone, or web-based.
There are many ways to provide an internet experience but we have partnered with Aruba who has created a package that provides a great experience.
So, grab your coffee, your friends, and your tablet, because we are coming back to a coffee shop near you.
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