Putting the “Dream” in Team

Did you find the file you were looking for before your 9 am meeting this morning? Where did your computer save it? Was it in email? Teams, Webex? Wait, was it in that new web app you are using? If this sounds familiar, you are not alone.
The way we work is changing, that much is obvious. And while we have had collaboration tools for a number of years they have never been battle-tested on a grand scale brought by COVID-19. Sure, businesses have been able to rely on cloud applications including, project management, file storage, and even cloud-enabled systems for a few years now. But this has yet to function in a logical, integrated manner where the user experience really works and disparate systems talk together.
The magic happens when they work together, in unison and our organizational structure allows for a single pane of glass within which we can run our organizations, manage our teams, and delight our customers.
The image above does a great job of illustrating the complexity of the issue and unfortunately, there is no silver bullet to solve all of the issues we see today.
You are likely experiencing some or all of the issues and that collectively we will spend the next few years navigating the digital space looking for resolutions. Microsoft Teams can help, but it isn’t the only solution. Dropbox is nice but only solves one specific problem and to a degree, it introduces a few more. There is no shortage of tools, the question is are they the right tools for your business?
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