127 New Devices Per Second

Yep. Every second, another 127 new devices connect to the Internet. That’s 328 million “things” per month. By 2025, we’ll see 75 billion IoT devices.

If you own or manage a network, you know that security starts with a clear inventory and visibility of risks for every single device in your network, even those onboarded and deployed outside of security.  Through Citon’s partnership with Ordr, it’s now possible to know exactly what’s connected to the network, in real time, all the time. You will know know what’s vulnerable, what’s behaving maliciously and why. You can then automate response for any connected device, and enforce on any networking and security infrastructure.  Our objective is to give our customers peace of mind in knowing that they can effectively manage and secure this explosive growth of unmanaged devices in their environment.

In a blog post earlier this week, Ordr’s Regional Sales Manager, Darrell Kesti relates a recent conversation he had with Citon co-founder and CEO, Steven Dastoor regarding the necessity of visibility and security for IT (IoT) and OT devices.   Click below for the Darrell’s full post and while you’re at it, learn more about how Citon and Ordr make it easy to easy to discover, profile behavior and risk, map communications, and secure all connected devices… including the traditional IT ones, as well as the newer IoMT, IOT and OT devices.  

Real-time asset inventory for all connected devices? Get it in Ordr!

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