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Some technology companies approach managed services as if they were administering “palliative technology care”.  They rapidly diagnose the condition as terminal and develop a plan focused on short-term, Band-Aid type treatment of the symptoms rather than the root cause.   In essence, they set about to providing what amounts to a very extended, very costly hospice care plan for their customers’ systems and user infrastructure.  The bad news is… they’re right.  If you’re entrusting your technology care and support to one of these technology hospice companies, your condition is terminal.  You’re not getting any better.

Citon sees things differently.  For nearly 30 years, we’ve proven that when diagnosed correctly and treated effectively, technology challenges become transformational opportunities.  We differentiate ourselves by transforming our customers into better, more efficient, technologically healthier organizations every day.

When you select Citon as your Managed Services Partner, you engage with an experienced, 30+ member team whose singular goal is to make you better.  We do this by first diagnosing and understanding your unique technology challenges and needs.  Next, we meet with you and your team to explain our findings and discuss our recommendations.  Only then and together do we develop a managed service plan.

Citon’s managed service rate structure reflects the fact that in the beginning, you’ll probably need us the most.  Over time, as we work together to carefully support and optimize your organization’s systems and technology resources, your systems will become better managed and more efficient.  Along the way we’ll meet with you regularly to assess your progress and our performance.

At some point you may find you don’t need us as much, or that you need us differently than in the beginning.  That’s how it’s supposed to work.  Managed services are not palliative care.  Technology challenges are never a terminal condition.  Together we can make you better.  That’s the transformation. 

Let’s connect today and get you back to good. IT’s better over here!

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