We’ve Got Your Back!

We all tire of the daily COVID-19 emails from dozens of organizations; but we know that functional IT and telecommunications systems, allowing our teams to work from home where possible, are crucial to getting us all through this crisis. 

In that spirit, Citon, TLX, NetGuard and NetTel have implemented multiple steps to ensure both continued service, and to support of the health and safety of your and our employees:

  • Our teams are rapidly deploying both voice and data remote access solutions so employees can work from home.  If you do not already have remote work systems in place please contact your sales rep today so you are prepared.
  • If you are a managed service customer, we will continue to support your teams as they work from home.  If your employees are working from home computers rather than company owned computers, anti-virus, windows patching and other security measures must be considered. Please consult with your sales rep to ensure your data remains secure.
  • Engineers will be dispatched for on-site work only for issues that cannot be resolved remotely.
  • When on-site, our team will observe the social distancing, hand washing and other guidelines issued by the CDC.
  • Engineers will have cleaning wipes with them to clean surfaces before and after they work on them.
  • Engineers are also being supplied with nitrile gloves that will be routinely changed.
  • Most of the Citon and TLX teams are now working remotely and are providing full service to you.  We expect no disruption of service during this time.
  • Our emergency response teams are meeting daily to remain agile in this constantly changing situation.

You can have confidence in our ability to secure and support you through this crisis.  We’ve got your back!


Citon, TLX, NetTel and NetGuard

Steven M Dastoor