Top 9 Patterns for Security Incidents and Breaches

Verizon Wireless unveiled its 2014 Data Breach Investigations Report, identifying the top 9 patterns for system compromises in the nation’s top sectors.healthcarestolen

Verizon compiled the data throughout 2013, surveying more than 63,000 “security incidents” and more than 1,300 data breaches. The company’s analysis determined that nine patterns accounted for roughly 92 percent of all security incidents:

Point-of-sale intrusions. Seventy-five percent of all security breaches were targeted at the accommodation industry. The retail industry was hit with 31 percent of security breaches.

Web Application Attacks. The information industry was hit hardest by web app attacks, accounting for 41 percent of security breaches.

Insider Misuse. The real estate market accounted for 37 percent of insider misuse security breaches. The administrative industry saw 27 percent of attacks as a result of insider misuse.

Physical Theft/Loss. Forty-six percent of all security breaches resulting from theft and loss impacted the healthcare industry.

Miscellaneous Errors. The administrative and public industries collectively accounted for 77 percent of security breaches resulting from miscellaneous errors.

Crimeware. The information and utility industries each accounted for 31 percent of crimeware attacks.

Card Skimmers. The finance industry was hit the hardest for payment card skimmer attacks, taking the hit for 22 percent of all attacks.

Denial of Service Attacks. The management industry accounted for 44 percent of denial of service attacks, while professional services saw 37 percent of attacks.

Cyber-Espionage. The trade industry saw 27 percent of all cyber-espionage security breaches. The education industry came in second at 22 percent.