4 Ways To Keep Data Safe In The Cloud

Public cloud adoption is increasing accessibility, but it’s also raising the risks associated with security vulnerabilities.ways to keep it safe (3)

A report released by CloudLock indicates one in four employees are violating security policies related to public cloud applications. When it comes down to it, 100,000 files per organization, on average, are stored in public cloud apps that are not adhering to corporate data security measures.

Is your company in this boat? Maybe? Here are a few tips to keep your data safe.

1. Know what information employees are sharing. Are we talking about funny photos or documents containing sensitive private data? Step one is figuring this out.

2. Understand the apps being used to store and share company data and the associated security vulnerabilities.

3. Don’t point fingers at your employees. Instead, include them in any efforts moving forward to solve vulnerability issues.

4. Prioritize. Not all data is created equal.  Pinpoint the most crucial data stored in the cloud and target that first for encryption.


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