The Power of Partnership

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

We have been doing the I.T. thing for a long time.  A really long time.  So long in fact that I think we have printers older than some of our employees. (Those HP Laserjets just keep going when you maintain them!)

One of the reasons we remain relevant in this cloud obsessed big-data driven world are the partnerships we have created since 1994.  We are a really loyal company. We believe in the power of consistency. Because when you combine loyalty and best in class vendor performance, the result is a powerful IT platform that will outperform the competition year after year.

These partnerships take work.  We meet, we strategize, we continually learn to ensure that we are offering you, our customer, the very best that I.T. has to offer. We believe that this gives you an edge. An edge over your competition and an edge that provides for razor-sharp performance and incredible customer service.

We have had some vendor relationships for over 24 years.  For example, HP Inc and HPE have been providing desktops, servers and storage on the most stable platform we have experienced since we started our little company in 1994. Their products rarely fail but if they do we have found that their support is the best in the world.  With local depots for stock and a commitment to parts (sometimes beyond a product’s usable life) we are able to support you because they support us.

The role of I.T. has always been one of enablement from vendor to distributor to solution provider (that’s us!) and finally to you our customer. We want our I.T. served hot with power, performance and longevity – just like that bullet proof Laserjet printer. Thanks HP!

Steven Dastoor

At CITON our IT solutions are dependent on our vendor partnerships. We focus on aligning with great companies that offer great solutions. But that’s not enough. Our vendor partners have to provide us with the best possible support as well. HPE supports us so we can support you.