Hey, that email was a fake!   Fortunately it was just part of Citon’s internal security awareness training.  You are not “in trouble”.

Had this been an actually phishing email your click could have been followed by:

  • Your system being infected with malware/spyware
  • All files you have access to being encrypted
  • Personal, company, and customer data being stolen

Please be more wary of links and attachments in email.  The From: address and entire content can be falsified.  Some notable examples:

  • Email from executive staff requesting transferring funds or sending sensitive information
  • Email from banking and other high security sites asking you to “reset your password” or “verify your account”
  • Email from shipping companies asking you to check status on packages you are not expecting

Please contact Paul Hirsch <paul.hirsch@citon.com> if you have specific questions or concerns about this message.

For more general information on Phishing, see https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0003-phishing