Study Shows Shift In Corporate Network Security Culture

of C-level enterprise executives saidA survey conducted by Opinion Matters indicates C-level enterprise executives are slow to accept Chief Information Security Officers as key corporate decision makers.

Of the roughly 300 C-level executives surveyed, 74 percent indicated they did not feel CISOs deserved a spot at the decision making table. At the same time, 44 percent indicated CISOs are to blame for network security compromises.

The report highlights the struggle companies are facing in the new world of cyber crime. While the cost of attacks are increasing significantly, companies are still evolving in their approach to the issue. The Opinion Matters survey showed that “61 percent of executives do not feel their CISO would be successful in a leadership position outside of information security.”

That leaves companies — executives and CISOs alike — in an interesting position. As noted by the survey’s conclusion, the role of security officers no longer solely relates to network infrastructure — instead, the focus is shifting to the business health of an organization.

“They (CISOs) must realize that as members of an enterprise’s senior leadership team, they have to demonstrate value beyond information security by aligning cybersecurity strategy with business goals — enabling the organization to succeed and reach its strategic objectives,” the conclusion states.



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