Study Shows Executives Investing in Hacking Prevention

A report published by CyberArk indicates companies are taking a proactive approach against network security breaches, investing resources to protect their company before criminals have the opportunity to attack.Network Security Prevention (4)

The survey included interviews with more than 370 security executives in Europe, the Asia-Pacific and North America. Results indicated 70 percent of companies were persuaded to invest in network security prevention following the recent increase in point-of-sale compromises among major retailers.

Adam Bosnian, executive vice president of CyberArk, told SC Security Magazine the report showed more companies are making room in their budgets for network security protection.

“In the past, we (mostly) saw that from companies that were breached,” Bosnian told SC Magazine. “Now we’re seeing it from companies that have not been breached, but are saying, we don’t want to be that (organization).”

CyberArk’s 2013 report revealed 80 percent of C-level executives and IT security executives considered network security breaches to be a greater risk than physical security breaches.