Report: Cloud Storage Is Executive Team’s Concern

Citon Blog (4)A new report indicates cloud data and security is becoming more than just the IT department’s concern — it’s the executive team’s concern.

The Cloud Adoption, Practices and Priorities Survey Report, published by Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), indicates 61 percent of company’s executive teams are now involved in discussions relating to cloud storage and security.

“As companies move data to the cloud, they are looking to put in place policies and processes so that employees can take advantage of cloud services that drive business growth without compromising the security, compliance and governance of corporate data,” Jim Reavis, CEO of the CSA said in a press release.

The CSA report took into consideration survey responses from more than 200 IT and security professionals from companies of various sizes throughout the globe.

The report discovered that, despite security concerns related to cloud adoption, companies are still moving to the cloud — 74 percent of those surveyed indicated they had already adopted the cloud or had plans to do so.

Thirty-four percent of those surveyed said a lack of knowledge on cloud services and security contributed to a lag in cloud adoption, while 38 percent were concerned with regulatory compliance.

Of those companies surveyed, 86 percent indicated at least part of their IT budgets were spent on cloud services — 39 percent of companies in the Americas spent more than 20 percent of budgets on cloud services.


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