Malware Attacks Increasing in Severity

As malware infections rise, IT professionals are increasingly looking to vendors and peers for information regarding threats. MOST REQUESTED

The Cost of Malware Containment report, published by Ponemon Institute, indicates 64 percent of IT professionals say they look first to vendors for intelligence regarding malware infections. Sixty-four percent of respondents say they also rely on peers for the latest malware-related news.

Being in-the-know is more important now than ever — 66 percent of those surveyed indicate the severity of malware infections has increased over the past year.

That’s true when it comes to the volume of attacks, as well. While it’s difficult to accurately measure the cases of malware attacks due to a lack of reporting, nearly half of all survey respondents said they’ve seen the number of malware attacks increase over the last year.

So, what is the cost of malware-related incidences?

The average cost for time spent researching and responding to malware threats sits at around $1.27 million annually.

“The recent Target, Home Depot, JPMorgan Chase and Sony Pictures Entertainment breaches are examples of how destructive malware can be to an organization’s reputation and financial stability,” the report states.

The report included survey responses from more than 630 IT professionals throughout the U.S. familiar with malware attacks and monitoring.


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