It’s Your Fault: Study Cites Human Error As Top Security Threat

When it comes down to it, humans are to blame — at least for 52 percent of security breaches.

That’s according to a recent CompTIA study that cites human error as the leading cause of security breaches.are you (1)

Among the business executives and IT professionals surveyed in the study, 42 percent claimed the failure to follow policies and procedures was the leading cause of breaches. Another 42 percent said general carelessness was to blame, while 31 percent it was employees’ failure to stay current (by not reading blogs like this) on new threats.

“Though human error ranks low as a serious concern, companies report that it is the largest factor behind security breaches,” CompTIA Senior Director and Security Analyst Seth Robinson said in a press release.

The report goes on to state that only half of companies have a comprehensive security policies in place — a major mistake in the security game.

The solution? The first step is understanding where your risks are. Has your company undergone a risk assessment to determine your vulnerabilities and potential areas for loss?

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