IRS Misses Windows XP Expiration Deadline

Even the Internal Revenue (IRS) found itself unprepared to handle the expiration of Windows XP.



Microsoft cut support for Windows XP on April 8, which eliminated support and security updates necessary to keep the operating system secure. Those still running the aging platform were urged to upgrade to Windows 7.

According to TechSpot, 47 percent of Windows desktops and notebooks used by the IRS have been upgraded to Windows 7, leaving the remaining 58,000 Microsoft PCs in need of upgrades.

So, does that leave the remaining 53 percent of IRS operating systems vulnerable to compromise?

Microsoft has indicated it will provide custom support to the IRS until all systems are switched over. However, that service comes at a cost which some have estimated is in excess of $10 million.

According to an IRS spokesperson, “The IRS is working to complete the updates (to Windows 7) by the end of calendar year 2014.”

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