Insider Threats: Cyber Security From Within

While cyber threats from global criminals are dominating headlines, another security concern is generating attention from information security professionals: insider attacks.

According to a Ponemon Institute survey, 73 percent of IT security managers indicated privileged users “believe they are empowered to access all the information they can view.”

That’s a problem, especially when insider attacks are amounting to$348 billion a year in corporate losses.

So, what is a privileged user? Anyone with access to critical data, including data center operators, database administrators, system administrators, network engineers, and cloud custodians, to name a few.

Despite the growing threat and push for concern, organizations are slow to recognize the threat that could lie within.

According to the report, Privileged User Abuse and The Insider Threat, commissioned by Raytheon Company and researched by the Ponemon Institute, 49 percent of organizations have no policies for privileged user access assignments.

This indicates there’s still plenty of room for organizations to grow when it comes to protecting digital assets from within. And, according to IT professionals, the threat isn’t likely to disappear anytime soon. Eighty-eight percent of those surveyed by the Ponemon Institute indicated the threat from insider attacks will either increase or remain the same.