Hybrid Cloud Adoption On The Rise

When it comes to cloud adoption, hybrid models are leading the way.

The 2014 State of the Cloud Report revealed that 74 percent of IT professionals say cloud strategies should incorporate both private and public cloud use.

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In terms of cloud adoption as a whole, 94 percent of organizations are utilizing cloud services — 58 percent of those use a hybrid model.

“The 2014 State of the Cloud Survey shows that the time for cloud adoption has arrived,” the report states. “The vast majority of organizations have already embarked on a cloud journey that will make IT a critical component of corporate growth and profits.”

While cloud adoption is certainly becoming the norm, organizations, for the most part, are still in the process of defining the key elements to their cloud strategies. Just half of enterprise businesses have clearly defined the business value they aim to get out of the cloud.

The report included data obtained from 1,068 IT professionals —  more than 800 of those surveyed worked for SMBs.

While 48 percent of respondents work in the software and tech services industries, the others represent an array of sectors, including financial services, education and publishing.


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