Story time: J. Walter Thompson and Microsoft collaboration tools

This video shows how a global leader in marketing communications uses Microsoft Teams to increase collaboration across their entire organization. Teams helps them create a global, modern workplace so the company can innovate at the speed of culture. With this tool, they can stay connected and easily collaborate across different geographies.

The Intelligent Data Platform – Solving problems faster

Meet the Intelligent Data Platform from HPE — discover how it predicts and resolves problems, scales ahead of demand, and moves data easily to where it needs to be. Welcome to AI for data for today’s business solutions. When you’re ready to unlock the full potential of your data, contact Citon Computer Corp to take the next step.

Watching the landscape


Thanks to Marcus Spiske for his artwork

Christmas came early in 2020 for the hacking, ransomware, and phishing community. The arrival of a worldwide pandemic meant that the manufacturers of “threat” were able to put aside the “inheritance” emails and place all their efforts into leveraging COVID-19 to solicit netizens to click their way to an attack.

This is an unfortunate side-effect of the current pandemic but it raises the question, who works toward limiting the effects of these attacks?

CRN recently reported the a U.S. District court order permitted Microsoft to seize and take control of specific domains used by cybercriminals who had used coronavirus phishing campaigns to target Microsoft customers.

The cybercriminals had crafted the attacks, using deceptive messages about the pandemic to “induce targeted victims to click on malicious links.” From there the hackers could take control of previous credential use.

Microsoft’s immense size and resource-rich teams were able to identify and take legal action to control the domains associated with the attacks. This level of customer care is the first indication we have seen from our vendor partners that they are willing to go to great lengths to secure client data.

While this cat and mouse game will remain part of our daily lives for the foreseeable future it is refreshing that we can help mitigate the attack potential by layering security and partnering with vendors like Microsoft who have made a commitment. through action, to securing our data.

Wi-Fi That Just Works

With Aruba Instant On, Citon Computer Corp brings you Wi-Fi that works from a company that gets it. Set up a better network in minutes with Aruba Instant On.

Watch this video for a quick look at how SMBs can create instant happiness for everybody with Aruba Instant On — Wi-Fi that just works from a company that gets it.

Way back in 1994


Ok, so we are going to really age ourselves in this blog. Back in 1995, when ketchup was $1.99, Forest Gump was at the box office, and the world population was around 5.5 Bn strong, the young team at Citon, was handloading Windows 3.1 and Windows for Workgroups 3.11.

While we may not have known it at the time we were part of the original digital transformation. We were proud to represent Microsoft then and still proud today. Their stewardship, leadership, and ownership during the current climate has enabled us to do more. Continue the journey with us as we believe this is still just the beginning.

Technology enables us to reach impossible goals and disrupt the landscape of our industries. Harnessing that tech is another story. If you find your business isn’t embracing digital transformation, then it might be time to seek outside help.

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