What is the Intelligent Data Platform?

Today’s intelligent storage needs to be always on, always fast, always agile and built for innovation. Check out this video breaking down the demands on your storage in the intelligence era.

It isn’t easy to be secure – or is it?


We get it, us I.T. folk only ever want to talk about security and it seems complicated and confusing. We talk about layers, perimeters, firewalls, and AV/AR. We want to know your RPO and your RTO, your DR plan, and whether you see the need for a SOC. With all of these acronyms and terms is it really all that surprising that small businesses choose the strategy of “chance” instead? It’s an awful lot cheaper, right?

Actually, no it isn’t. The average security breach or ransomware attack can cost tens of thousands of dollars. The impact on your business can be disastrous. Compound an attack to an already tenuous economic landscape and some simply won’t recover.

At CITON we have been working to achieve two things. The first is to minimize the complexity while, secondly, reducing the costs. Our process, combined with our Technology Stack has the ability to scale based on the size and requirements of your organization.

While we should apologize for the acronyms we won’t apologize for what they mean to your business. They represent the best practices to which we hold ourselves accountable – and you should too.

If you are interested in learning more, please call one of our knowledgable, helpful business executives on (888) 462 4866.

How to manage meetings in Microsoft Teams

More people are working from home during the COVID-19 crisis and remote meetings have become a vital part of the workday. Microsoft Teams makes meeting remotely easy and efficient. Watch this video to see how!

What’s all the fuss about?


Thanks to Alex Motoc for the cool picture.

In recent years, the idea of running your business through the cloud has gone from a radical new idea to a commonplace reality. By 2020, an estimated 78% of small businesses will be using the cloud. So, what is all the fuss about?

Running your business on the cloud is not just about where your data is stored. It is a fundamental shift in the way your business is run. The removal of data silos and the ability to log in from anywhere means that your employees are more connected to your customers, and to each other, than ever before.

What concerns are holding you back? CITON has 7 cloud experts on staff that can help with the transition. Our process ensures that your data remains safe and accessible by getting the right stack of technology – Thats the network that we build. Call one of our experts to find out more.

Accelerated Outcomes on Your Terms

Are you keeping up with the competition or is IT slowing you down? With HPE GreenLake, Citon Computer Corp can help to unleash your IT.

How is innovation at your company keeping up with the speed of business? Check out the latest video from HPE to learn how GreenLake can provide simpler, more flexible and faster IT infrastructure.

CITON Infrastructure Team