FISASCORE estimator

What is a FISASCORE?

FISASCORE is a comprehensive, risk-based measurement of information security assigned to your company based on a proven and thorough assessment process. Once completed, FISASCORE will identify critical vulnerabilities, control gaps/deficiencies, and applicable threats to the security of your organization.

How it works

FISASCORE graphicA full FISASCORE assessment gives your organization a score to quickly and confidently understand and quantify information security risks and provides a common vision on how to prioritize and address them.  This includes a comprehensive action plan that is designed to dramatically increase the overall health and score of your company’s greatest assets.

Do you know your FISASCORE?

Trusted by small businesses through Fortune 500 companies, FISASCORE is a comprehensive and expert assessment of your current security risks by certified security professionals. Now you can understand your level of risk with the new FISASCORE ESTIMATOR.

FISASCORE estimatorFISASCORE Estimator evaluates your company’s information security program and measures its risk of a security incident. This estimator, which is based on the full FISASCORE® onsite assessment, is a free, self-assessment tool that analyzes security standards in place at your company and provides an estimate of your security risk. Once completed, you’ll receive a risk-based measurement, from 300 (not secure) to 850 (excellent), that indicates your company’s level of vulnerabilities, gaps and deficiencies in your security program.

Who needs a FISASCORE?

Every organization, big or small, should be aware of their most significant information security risks. FISASCORE will identify and address your organization’s risks through a standardized, consistent and efficient process that enables all members of your organization to quickly and confidently understand and quantify risks.