Filing Your Taxes Online? Steer Clear Of The Coffee Shop

hydrated (2)Tax Day is tomorrow. And while we hope you’ve taken the time to file your taxes before today, we’re still here to offer you some advice that will keep your information safe — now and in the future.

Research released this month by Protect Your Bubble indicates nearly 65 percent of all online tax filers use an open access WiFi network to file. That’s not OK.


The network isn’t secure, providing more opportunities for those looking for a way to access your personal data. When it comes to your taxes, the information you’re inputting into an online tax filing system is as personal as it gets. If you are filing your taxes online, be sure to do so at home with a secure WiFi network.

That same philosophy applies to online shopping and any other online transactions. While the coffee shop is cozy and lattes are delicious, it’s a dangerous place to be sharing private financial information.


We can’t help you with your taxes, but for information related to network security, call us at 218.720.4435.