Understanding the FireEye Acquisition of Mandiant:

Transcending IT Security
There is no such thing as perfect security. As security breaches have gone mainstream, the negative impact for compromised companies has only increased. Traditional defenses do not work against target attackers. The techniques are always evolving, and U.S. companies are playing goalie in cyber space.
The problem is real, and no company or industry is immune. Mandiant responded to breaches in 30 different industries in 2013. Ninety-five percent of the companies where Mandiant’s FireEye technology was deployed already had a compromise in their environment. Did you know…
  • The median number of days an attacker operated undetected on a victim’s network was 229 days.
  • Only 33 percent of companies discovered the breach on their own.
  • In 67 percent of cases, law enforcement, business partners or customers notified victims.

Join us for an informational session on what you can do to equip your organization with the tools and knowledge necessary to safeguard against security breaches.

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May 9
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