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Why Buy HPE Server and Storage Hard Drives?

In today’s distributed enterprise with larger, more complex applications than ever before, an increase of mission-critical data moving to the server, and continued server consolidation, storage has become more important than ever. HPE delivers the highest quality products to ensure the integrity and availability of data. A major component of this process is HPE’s commitment to deliver the highest quality hard drives in the industry. So Why Buy HPE Hard Drives?

Qualification Process. HPE drives are NOT the same as their OEM equivalent. HPE has set up an industry recognized qualification process unmatched in the industry with four teams dedicated to testing drives in real-life and extreme environments:

  1. Selection Evaluation Team
  2. Development Validation Team
  3. Supplier Production Qualification Team
  4. Continuous Improvement/Performance

Not only does HPE test for data and signal integrity and physical defects, but we also audit supplier processes and put drives through real-life situations to see how they cope with the differences of various operating systems. The HPE system compatibility aspects of an HDD product are validated through a series of test sequences defined by a set of matrices that describe representative configurations, including both HPE legacy and new storage applications. Typically, more than 2,000 unique HDDs are used to evaluate a product family during the Development Validation phase, and approximately 2 million drive test hours occur during each family qualification. Closed-Loop Quality System. HPE’s closed-loop

Closed-Loop Quality System. HPE’s closed-loop quality system includes multiple quality controls and monitoring systems. These quality controls and monitoring systems ensure the product meets HPE’s quality and reliability requirements. The controls will alert HPE and the HDD Supplier to any “out of control” conditions and quality issues, allowing HPE to contain nonconforming product and implement corrective actions prior to shipment of nonconforming product to customers.

Integration. Many issues customers have with third party hard drives have to do with “simple” integration concerns. All HPE hard drives ship with the correct cables, SCSI ID settings, termination schemes, and documentation for HPE servers. When buying from another supplier, there is no guarantee that these drives have been set properly from their generic default settings to ensure proper operation with HPE servers.

HPE has developed strong long-term working relationships with all of its HDD suppliers. HPE engages with HDD suppliers in researching new technologies, product requirements, long-range product roadmaps, new features, and defining requirements for product designs. HPE also works with HDD suppliers 2 to 3 years in advance of product availability to ensure technology feasibility and successful system integration.

Firmware. High performance drives include a firmware-based feature named “Tagged Command Queuing”, which improves performance and dramatically increases the complexity of drive operations, making the firmware similar to a multi-tasking operating system. There are an enormous number of timing sequences that need to be tested to ensure that the drive firmware design is “bullet proof” with amendments made accordingly. Only HPE drives have firmware tested and optimized for HPE systems.

Pre-Failure Warranty. HPE’s Integrated Lights Out (iLO) leverages technology embedded in Smart drives to detect anomalies in drive operation. When a drive performs outside an accepted parameter, the agents send an event to iLO. Under HPE’s exclusive Pre-Failure Warranty, the drive can then be replaced at HPE’s expense. This feature allows Systems Administrators to proactively schedule downtime for maintenance without interruption to business critical operations. With a combination of hot-pluggable drives and a Smart Array Controller, the faulty drive can be replaced without any downtime. Only HPE drives can be monitored by the health log and benefit from this warranty. Note of caution: The HPE warranty may be invalidated when HPE products have been damaged or rendered defective by the installation or use of third-party parts.

Price Competitiveness. HPE monitors the drive market on an on-going basis to ensure that our drives are price competitive with all competitors and to offer superior price/performance and the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

Written by Levi Norman, HP

CITON has used HPE hard drives since the first server we built. We believe in providing the highest quality products to our customers. Hard drives are a vital piece of equipment for the security and performance of your business. Contact CITON to learn more on how HPE hard drives can improve the integrity of your data.