Defense against Cyberattacks

What action are you taking to protect your network?

How confident are you that your business will continue to operate in the event of a cyberattack? How would you recover from a cyberattack? Do you have a cyber-incident recovery plan that makes every second count?

Information security and business continuity leaders often face these questions from their chief executive or their board. In all likelihood, they often ask themselves these same questions.

Today’s malware can affect systems and networks, even if they are seemingly fully patched, leading to loss or theft of millions of records, high financial costs, regulatory penalties, damage to brand and reputation, not to mention loss of customer trust.

Why is it important to build resilience?

Over the past few years, cybersecurity technologies have evolved by leaps and bounds. We are getting better at securing our network perimeters, and threat intelligence today is powered by artificial intelligence. But adversaries are now as equipped and resourceful as legitimate business organizations — and they only need to get it right once, while we need to be right all the time. The Ponemon report also indicates that business organizations face more than a 32% likelihood of a material data breach by 2020.

With attacks becoming more malicious and techniques more advanced, the strategies and plans to mitigate the impacts of such attacks must also change. Businesses need new technologies and practices to survive and adapt to today’s cyber outage scenarios. Cyber resilience is a unified approach combining cybersecurity with data protection and disaster recovery methods, designed to protect against and rapidly recover from disruptive cyber incidents.

While IT and information security leaders are struggling to determine the appropriate technology areas to spend their limited budget on, it is imperative that they take a holistic view of IT risks and build a robust cyber resilience program to keep their business operations functional during and after a cyberattack. With a cyber-resilient environment, IT can be at the forefront of fostering relationships with business leaders and partnering with them to confidently drive their digital transformation journey forward.

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By Andrea Sayles, General Manager of IBM Business Resiliency Services

Cyberattacks can happen to anyone at any time. It is a growing threat that is not slowing down. While you may not be able to prevent attacks from happening you can harden your defenses and have a recovery plan in place for when it does. CITON offers detailed assessments of your system that assist in the detection and protection of your data.