COVID-19 Update – Safety First

Our companies have been in business for over 35 years. Together we have guided our customers through unprecedented events from the 2000 dot com bubble to the Great Recession of 2008. But this is different – really different. 

Let’s start with the incredible way our customers and staff are handling this unique situation. This is a new, scary disruption for our customers and employees alike and everyone has helped in creating a workable remote environment that ensures business can continue. With your help, the work we have been conducting over the last five years is now showing its merits.  The trust you have placed in us to design, build and support not just any computer infrastructure but the right infrastructure for your business or organization is appreciated. We like to build I.T. right and your support for that methodology has truly enabled your work to continue.

Early on we created a task force to handle almost every aspect of COVID-19 and I want to ensure you that the teams at CITON, NETTEL, NETGUARD and TLX are taking every precaution during this period of change.

As you would expect, with “stay at home” orders in most of the states we support, our focus is on remote work first. Our technology stack has been built to perform 98% of tasks remotely. This means we can configure, deploy, monitor and support almost all of our systems through our stack of technology tools. Additionally, our logistics team is working with our partners across the globe to find and procure the hardware that you need. We have sourced laptops, cameras, software, monitors, cabling and conference phones for you. We will continue to aggressively source these constrained components from the safety of our home offices.

Obviously, on-site installs may still have to take place for essential service-based customers when essential service is required. Should you require on-site service we will take every precaution to ensure we both remain safe. Our teams are equipped with a “safe and clean” kit that is required to be used during every onsite visit. We also request that we all adhere to the social distancing guidelines set forth by the CDC and we will call to ensure we understand your staffing levels at the time of dispatch.

Our industry was built for this moment.  Thank you for allowing us to do what we do best, which is to provide you with the most creative and thorough computing and delivery system available.

One final thought:  we encourage you to remain vigilant on fraudulent business practices and phishing attacks. During this time, we expect an increase in bad actors attempting to take advantage of you. Remain cautious of email offers to help and, as always, demonstrate care when clicking on links embedded in emails. If you are unsure or need help for any reason, please contact us via phone or email.

I am humbled and proud of the work we are doing together. Stay at home and stay safe.