Companies Lacking in Mobile Security Policies

Do your company’s employees use mobile phones and tablets to access company data?constantexchange


Does your company conduct training on the secure use of mobile devices to access such data?

Probably not.

Employees and employers are embracing the benefits of mobile devices for productivity, but when it comes to security, most are missing the mark.

Of the more than 700 professionals surveyed in a recent Ponemon Institute report, 62 percent said they needed mobile access to corporate data to be productive. Yet just 20 percent said they’d received mobile-specific security training.

Seventy-four percent of those who did undergo security training said it wasn’t effective in securing company data.

“As more of the workday is spent away from the office, employees rely upon mobile devices to complete their work,” the report states. “However, the findings reveal that companies may not be taking mobile security seriously.”

What’s the worst that could happen?

An employee could fail to remote wipe a lost device containing corporate data. A user could also transfer corporate information to a commercial file-sharing application. Someone could use a non-secure cloud-based product to store notes on confidential company information.

The list goes on.

What’s the solution? The mobile trend in the workplace isn’t going anywhere. Establishing strict guidelines and ongoing education for employees is critical to keeping your company’s digital assets secure.

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