Citon Partner Highlighted in WIRED Magazine for Healthcare Security

In an interview with WIRED Magazine, Scott Erven, Essentia Health’s head of security, revealed the daunting world of hacking vulnerability in hospitals today.

Erven explained the opportunities that exist for hackers to manipulate digital medical records, hack defibrillators and alter temperatures of refrigerators that store blood samples and temperature-sensitive medications.

“Many hospitals are unaware of the high risk associated with these devices,” Erven told the publication. “Even though research has been done to show the risks, healthcare organizations haven’t taken notice. They aren’t doing the testing they need to do and need to focus on assessing their risks.”

Scott Erven works as the point of contact for Citon’s security-related solutions partnership with Essentia Health. Erven spoke at the 2013 Vital Technology Expo, co-sponsored by Citon Computer Corp. 

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