Benefits of Cloud Storage for your Business

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Your next move:
Cloud Storage

How the Cloud can change your business.

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Cloud storage isn’t just for large companies. It’s also not expensive or difficult to set up. The Cloud is low maintenance, secure, and takes up minimal to no space in your office. Curious to learn how it could benefit your business? Call us at (218) 720-4435

Why moving to the cloud makes sense

I’ve written before about how small businesses should think about optimizing cloud storage. For many small business owners, cloud solutions are a sensible and affordable early choice. In fact, many small businesses now opt for cloud storage right out of the gate, since there’s minimal upfront investment and few hardware or licensing costs.

The benefits of the cloud are numerous. For one thing, data storage requires no maintenance on your side, so you don’t need a large IT department. Hardware failure is also no longer a disaster, as the company’s data isn’t isolated to a physical server or scattered across a collection of laptops and hard drives. The cloud generally has built-in redundancy.

When starting out, most businesses make use of public clouds – hosted by a third party on servers that are shared with other clients – and this typically leads to some concerns. Not only do business owners worry about having to rely on a cloud host to keep data safe, but they also fear being at the mercy of service outages and performance degradation during peak hours. While these worries are not unfounded, there’s a tendency to overemphasize them. As long as you use a reputable provider, your data should be safe and accessible. Although there have been public cloud breaches and unexpected downtime, your data’s generally safer than it was sitting on a hard drive in your office. The main reason many businesses actually abandon the public cloud is that it stops meeting their needs in a cost-effective way.


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