Ransomware Will Find A Way.  Are You Ready?

Since 2012, ransomware has exploded into the most lucrative way for an average cybercriminal to earn a dishonest living.  It takes more than one type of defense to protect your organization from ransomware.  Sooner or later, it is likely to find a way into your systems.

Enter The Aardvark

That is where Citon Aardvark comes in.  Aardvark is a last line of defense, watching for signs of an active ransomware attack in progress and taking steps to limit the damage and warn your team so you can take quick action.

Added Security Without Complexity

Citon Aardvark is a simple SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that installs in minutes on your fileserver; seconds on your workstations.  Once in place it does its job without bogging down your systems or requiring lots of maintenance, and the Aardvark plays nicely with your other security tools.  Aardvark’s simple management portal allows you to see where it is deployed, control who is alerted if something goes wrong, and get instant access to the client software from anywhere.

Find Out More

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