20 Years, 25,000 Custom-Made Computers

It’s a milestone that takes Citon Computer Corp founders Steven Dastoor and Sean Dean down memory lane.

What started as a company that solely built custom computers has now grown into one that offers a broad spectrum of IT services, including its cloud computing center and information security practice.

Yet even with its growth, it hasn’t abandoned its roots. This month marks a major milestone for Citon, as it celebrates the construction of its 25,000th custom-made computing device.

The first Citon computer stands next to the company's 25,000th model, representing how far technology -- and Citon -- has come in 20 years.

The first Citon computer stands next to the company’s 25,000th model, representing how far technology — and Citon — has come in 20 years.

The timer began ticking in 1994 when Citon opened its doors for business. Twenty years later, the creation of the 25,000th custom-made machine is reminding employees just how far they’ve come.

“We are really passionate about getting the right technology in the hands of our customers,” Dastoor said. “Some twenty years ago, the only way was to sit down and understand the actual need before designing the system. While the landscape for PCs has certainly evolved, the theory remains the same. We want to diagnose the need before we prescribe a solution, be that for security, mobility or high-performance. Or in many cases, all three.”

While Citon has always stood against solid competition in the world of computing, two key factors have propelled it to success: a quality, custom-made product and the promise of outstanding customer service.

“That’s one of the main reasons they choose us,” Dan Murto, Citon’s System Build Supervisor, said. “They know we build a great product, and you don’t get much more local than this…. They do it for the great localized service and our ability to be boutique while adhering to industry best practices.”

Citon’s custom-made computer customers run the gamut – from home users to hospitals. While many of the custom-builds have remained in relatively normal territory, Citon has been stretched over the years to create products that are out-of-this-world, literally.

A mining company approached Citon, seeking a machine with the horsepower to 3D map the planet– and Citon delivered.

That wasn’t the only time Citon stepped outside of the box. On another occasion, Citon built a computer to generate airflow dynamics models.

For Citon employees, these are the projects that keep life interesting, yet it’s their mission to help area businesses succeed that keeps it growing – from 25,000 computers and beyond.