Mergers & acquisitions rebound in Minnesota

State companies share lessons learned from recent acquisitions

BY DAN EMERSON , Minnesota Business Magazine

Early this year, Duluth technology firm Citon Computer Corp. nearly doubled in size by acquiring Invisible Inc. of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, a 35-year-old IT provider with five divisions. By doing the deal, Citon expanded its service area southeast into Wisconsin, added security and surveillance capabilities, and doubled its workforce to about 80 people, according to CEO Steven Dastoor.

Since its founding in 1994, Citon has developed a broad range of IT services, from building customized, commercial PCs to designing and deploying high-end security solutions for international companies. Ten years later, it made its first “growth through acquisition” move, acquiring the network services division of Duluth-based CP Internet. READ MORE

Duluth-based Citon Computer expands its market reach with purchase

By Candace Renalls, Duluth News Tribune

With its cutting-edge approach, Citon Computer Corp. in Duluth grew rapidly in its first two decades.

Last week, in the midst of its 20th year, it got a whole lot bigger.

Citon, which builds custom information technology systems, purchased Invisible Inc., a similar technology business in Eau Claire, Wis., with five divisions and a 30-year track record. READ MORE


Pair of Invisible Inc. companies acquired

Duluth, Minn.-based Citon Computer recently acquired two divisions from Invisible Inc. of Eau Claire.

Invisible Inc.’s Corporate Technologies and Business Internet Services will now operate under Citon. The move will nearly double Invisible Inc.’s local employee base to roughly 80. Citon also acquired NetTel Communications and NetGuard Security Solutions, both former divisions of Invisible Inc. READ MORE


Citon Computer Corp. Nearly Doubles Employee Base

FOX 21

DULUTH, Minn. – A Duluth technology business is expanding in a big way.

Citon Computer Corp. has nearly doubled its employee base and expanded into Wisconsin.

The company has obtained Eau-Claire based company Invisible Inc. going from 40 employees to nearly 80.

Corporate Technologies and Business Internet Services, LLC, will now operate under Citon Computer Corp. which company leaders say enhances the technical talent level available for customers.

Citon has been operating in Duluth since 1994. WATCH VIDEO


Citon Computer Corp announces acquisition, expands into Western Wisconsin

Citon Computer Corp announces the acquisition of Eau Claire-based Invisible, Inc. technology business divisions, a move that nearly doubles Citon’s current employee base to roughly 80 employees.

Corporate Technologies and Business Internet Services, LLC, will now operate under Citon Computer Corp, expanding the company’s portfolio of services and enhancing the level of technical talent available to current and future customers.

“By joining forces with Corporate Technologies and Business Internet Services, LLC, Citon is positioning itself as a technology leader capable of providing current and future customers with a deeper pool of knowledge and expertise,” Citon CEO Steven Dastoor said. “We are extremely pleased to join the Duluth and Eau Claire teams together to the benefit of our customers.”

Citon Computer Corp also acquired NetTel Communications and NetGuard Security Solutions, former divisions of Invisible, Inc. NetTel, a networking cabling company, and NetGuard, a security, surveillance and card access company, will both operate under their respective current titles and as a separate business entity.

“We are excited and proud to merge talents with Citon Computer Corp. and feel confident this move will only enhance the level of service we can provide to our customers throughout the Western Wisconsin area,” Former Invisible Inc. Owner Robert Krause said.

The expansion comes in the midst of Citon’s 20th year, a hallmark the company is celebrating throughout 2015. The company began operating in Duluth, Minn. as an operation focused on customized computers. Since then, Citon has expanded its business portfolio to include managed services, helpdesk assistance and hosted data services, to name a few.

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Citon Computer Corp Turns an Old Downtown Building into a Modern Workplace

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In this week’s Northland Uncovered, we look at a technology group that turned a building from the 1920s into a modern office.

Shipping is big business in the Twin Ports, but technology has also been an area staple for years.”We talk about the three T’s up here. The taconite, timber and technology. And technology has been a huge part of this environment and this landscape for over 25 years now,” said Steven Dastoor, President and CEO of Citon Computer Corp. WATCH VIDEO

Citon Computer Corp. brings good neighbors to renovated space in downtown Duluth

You’d think buying a 1920s downtown Duluth building and transforming it into a hip, modern workplace worthy of their growing technology business would be enough for Steven Dastoor and Sean Dean. Instead, the two owners of Citon Computer Corp. bought the multi-storefront building next door. Now they own a half-block on the upper side of the 200 block of West First Street. READ MORE


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