Citon Client Loses Office In Fire, But Data Remains Untouched With Cloud Services

Posted on Nov 10, 2014
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HTK Marketing was recently featured in BusinessNorth after a fire hit the agency’s Superior Street offices, causing $150,000 in damage and temporarily leaving the agency without a home office. While the fire destroyed the physical office, HTK’s digital data remained untouched, as it was stored in Citon’s cloud.

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“The morning we had a fire in our building and our office was destroyed, I made two phone calls. The first one was to Citon, where I told Sean Dean that I needed whatever help he could provide in getting our business up and running ASAP. Access to our data, and all our intellectual property was going to make or break our company in the coming days,” HTK CEO Mike Seyfer told Citon. “Fortunately, Sean and Citon had us up and running within 24 hours. And they threw everything they had at getting us operational in our temporary space within three days. As a result, HTK didn’t lose one piece of data, and we didn’t miss one deadline. That is due to our investment with Citon.”

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